Intern View: Candice Bowman - Lambert, Edwards & Associates
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Intern View: Candice Bowman

Intern View: Candice Bowman

Morgan Greenberg Interviews Candice BowmanIntern + Interview = Intern View. The eighteenth installation of the Intern View series has intern Morgan Greenberg interviewing Candice Bowman:

Name: Candice Bowman

Title: Director of Business Development

What are your key responsibilities at LE&A?

I look for business opportunities in Detroit, across Michigan and nationally for all service areas. I also work on corporate culture initiatives and strategy.

How did you get into this industry?

After graduation, I began my career in public relations and worked on the media relations and marketing team for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers. I also handled PR and coordinated events for Ambassador Magazine. After working in a number of PR positions, I realized that I enjoyed the industry but wanted to broaden my scope and focus more on business development.

What is your favorite part of working in this industry?

I enjoy discovering different ways to connect and finding strategies to steer corporate growth. I also like having the ability to find new opportunities, which can lead to working with a variety of people. Bringing in a new client is always extremely rewarding and the process is more intricate than it looks. It is great to know I can lay the foundation to make community partnerships.

LE&A has created a collaborative environment, with employees from different practices intermingled. How does this impact your work?

The environment that LE&A provides is very refreshing. Working with others from different practices impacts my work by creating excitement and inspiring people to be able to pull new ideas and concepts from one client to another. This mobility helps my work because I can pull in individuals with different expertise and tap into their knowledge.

What is your favorite non work hobby?

I love checking out great music, and Detroit has an amazing music program to explore. I like discovering art culture like The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, art exhibits and art shows. These opportunities allow me to connect with new people and get to know different groups.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

I would want to be able to travel in time. Going back in time to see things from a historical perspective could help me become more informed on how to make decisions in the future.