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From patent pending to service providers.

Those in the business of health care know just how chaotic life can be these days.


But at Lambert, Edwards & Associates, we’ve been in the health care game long enough to know the chaos isn’t really new. And it isn’t going away anytime soon(!)


Unfortunately, today’s health care makes it tough on hospitals, insurers, physicians and others when it comes to effective marketing and communications. Targets are always moving, rules always changing.


We believe the key to health care communication is a unique balance of preparation and flexibility. The industry has historically been decent at planning and thinking ahead, but can be rigid and restricted, often causing frustration and confusion. Fortunately, that’s where we do our best work.


Our health care team understands the many pressures and variables at play for today’s integrated delivery system, today’s payor and today’s physician group. We excel at developing scalable, measurable and – yes flexible plans that drive success despite the chaotic consolidation, regulation and chatter underway in the market.