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The stories we tell about the products you buy.

The PR landscape has evolved more in the past five years than in the previous five decades combined, and nowhere is that more evident than in the consumer PR arena where a successful PR campaign may not even include the principal of all PR tools, the traditional a press release. Instead, the proper solution may be a series of kinetic topography videos, a shared media promotion, an event stunt or other non-traditional idea that engages directly with consumers who buy your product, make reservations at your restaurant, shop your stores or hire your services.


LE&A’s team serves consumer brands, retail clients and consumer packaged goods manufacturers (CPG) on local, regional and national levels with support for product launches, new market entries, special events, community relations initiatives, crisis management and corporate communication needs.


Our method is tactically diverse, blending elements of traditional marketing, media relations, community relations, social/shared media, cause marketing, promotions, user experience (UX) strategies, advertising and other tactics to generate positive consumer engagements that impact the bottom line of your business. Our team of experienced communicators come from advertising agencies, digital/shared media firms, in-house marketing departments, non-profits, UX agencies and corporate communications departments. It’s this diversity of perspectives and skillsets that continues to produce creative, award-winning work on behalf of our clients; including the Bulldog Reporter award for “PR Innovation of the Year”, a Gold Bulldog Reporter for “Product Launch of the Year,” three national Bulldog Reporter PR awards, and four Silver Anvil awards across a four year span.