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Thought leadership doesn’t just happen, it’s built on the trust and expertise of executives positioned properly in an industry. LE&A provides companies with the B2B public relations support necessary to stand out in a competitive business environment.


It’s not easy to reach and influence another business – decision makers are busy and focused on near-term deliverables, making PR an ideal route to establish relationships of lasting value. B2B campaigns are frequently highly targeted in order to reach a more sophisticated, complex and defined audience who often have a longer sales cycle. A successful B2B PR program identifies unique characteristics within an organization and develops a plan to reach key influencers.


Our team will work with your company to identify and execute the right strategy that will effectively increase your profile and position key leadership as industry experts. Through content generation, multimedia resources and channels and reputation management, we’ll work through today’s noisy environment to connect your business with targeted prospects. And in true LE&A fashion, the overall goal of our B2B campaigns is to positively impact a your bottom line and reach the business objectives as you define them in order to provide a true return on investment.