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  • Crawford & Company 8.69+0.01 - +0.12%
  • Drew Industries Incorporated 62.03+0.44 - +0.71%
  • Inventure Foods, Inc. 11.13+0.08 - +0.72%
  • Mercantile Bank Corporation 19.59+0.05 - +0.26%
  • Mine Safety Appliances Company 50.41+0.94 - +1.90%
  • Perceptron, Inc.13.27+0.45 - +3.51%
  • Spartan Motors, Inc.4.83+0.02 - +0.42%
  • The Coast Distribution System, Inc. 3.58-0.10 - -2.72%
  • Thor Industries, Inc. 63.85+0.56 - +0.88%
  • Universal Power Group, Inc.
  • Walmart Stores, Inc. 82.585+1.235 - +1.518%
  • Wolverine World Wide, Inc. 33.24+0.83 - +2.56%
  • Donegal15.69+0.73 - +4.88%
  • Patrick Industries62.70+0.10 - +0.16%
  • SB Financial10.72-0.12 - -1.11%
  • Universal Security Instruments5.60+0.12 - +2.19%
  • Johnson Controls49.85+0.77 - +1.57%
  • American Restaurant Concepts0.76+0.00 - +0.00%
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What I Wish I Would’ve Known Then


I recently spoke on a panel to current students at my alma mater, Rochester College, and discussed what we learned while earning our degrees, how we applied our skills to find a job and what life is like post-college. While it was great to be back on campus and see familiar faces, it also made […]

February 13, 2015

The Five PR Crises Most Talked-About on Social Media in 2014


As we enter 2015, it’s valuable to take a parting look at the digital world of public relations in 2014. Last year saw its share of scandals, blunders, and crises including: • widespread rape allegations aimed at major public universities, • diminished trust in law enforcement due to numerous high-profile deaths of unarmed civilians, • […]

January 14, 2015



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Peak Resorts Names Lambert, Edwards & Associates as Investor Relations Firm

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, March 23, 2015 – Lambert, Edwards & Associates (LE&A), a nationally-recognized investor relations and public relations firm and 2013 Financial Agency of the Year (Bulldog), announced that it will be providing investor relations counsel and services to support Peak Resorts, Inc. (NASDAQ:SKIS), a leading owner and operator of high-quality, individually branded ski […]

March 24, 2015

Perceptron Introduces the Coord3 Benchmark Hybrid CMM Equipped with Laser Line Scanner & Touch Probe

Laser-Scanning CMM launched with Touch Software makes Coordinate Metrology Simple. Plymouth, MI, March 19, 2015 - The COORD3 BENCHMARK™ CMM offers customers a high-performance cost-competitive CMM (coordinate measurement machine) with the added benefit of a small footprint. The unique ‘half-gantry’ advanced alloy design places its X and Y axis at the same level, providing increased […]

March 19, 2015


LE&A Public Relations and Investor Relations

LE&A Public Relations and Investor Relations

The Public Relations firm that can read an income statement

Lambert, Edwards and Associates has been practicing Public Relations for 15+ years. What began as a small business (ran out of Jeff Lambert’s basement in Michigan) has grown to an international public relations powerhouse based in the Midwest.